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Astonishing Portrays From A Self Taught Artist

The Croatian self taught artist Aleksandra Janekovic Sribar, is an amazing example of how people can grow in their skills and mind. As a kid, the girl used to sing in the choir, played piano and even designed the clothes for her barbie dolls. So basically, creativity was always present in her life. This is what made her recognizable among friends and was a daily portion of inspiration.

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But Alexandra still didn’t attend any of the art school, and what is even more admiring – she doesn’t regret it at all. She still loves music which is probably one of the biggest inspirations for her to create the stunning portrays which she is busy right now with. Frederic Chopin’s music has the biggest impact on the work of Alexandra. If you look at this gallery, you might doubt that these masterpieces belong to self taught painter, but it is true. This is what happens when you can’t imagine your life without art.

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Portrays have become the favorite ones for Alexandra, as human face and emotions can be expressed in the eyes or smiles, and this is the big challenge for the artist – to capture every moment of it and bring back to the person watching the portray.
For the artist each of her drawings carries a story behind, speaks for itself and occupies a special place in her heart.

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