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Astonishing Foldable Landscapes of Lilla Schuch

Hungarian watercolour artist Lilla Schuch loves capturing beautiful landscapes in her sketchbook while travelling.

Lille has been passionate about art since she was a child. She studied watercolour technique for  four years in Budapest University and gradually found the way to express her creativity in painting unspoiled natural landscapes of Hungary and Greece.


Artist says she started with a sketchbook for larger paintings, but after discovered advantages of the compact size she decided to make it her constant companion. She calls this watercolour paintings series “Foldable landscapes”. In her express paintings she tries to capture the surrounding atmosphere along with activities of people or animals. It takes 20 minutes to complete the work, after that the artist is using her camera to memorise actual location which truly inspired her. 

Sketchbook-Watercolor-paintings-by-Lilla-Schuch-7 Sketchbook-Watercolor-paintings-by-Lilla-Schuch-6 Sketchbook-Watercolor-paintings-by-Lilla-Schuch-5 Sketchbook-Watercolor-paintings-by-Lilla-Schuch-4 Sketchbook-Watercolor-paintings-by-Lilla-Schuch-3 Sketchbook-Watercolor-paintings-by-Lilla-Schuch-2 Sketchbook-Watercolor-paintings-by-Lilla-Schuch-1

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All Images © Lilla Schuch

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