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Amazing Artworks By Indian Painter Who Was Born Without Hands

If you have a look at these stunning pictures, it will be really hard to believe that all of them were crafter by a woman who was born without hands. Swapna Augustine makes not only her fairy tale like landscapes alive, but also stunning images from Indian culture, which demand extra attention while working with details.

The fact that Swapna was born without hands didn’t stop this strong woman from making her dream come true – become a painter. She started to do everything with her legs from the early childhood including the development of artistic skills. Thanks to the help of her friends, school teacher and of course family she learned not just painting, but creating real masterpieces, with complicated techniques demanding attention and precise detail painting. While being a student her pictures already showed up in the magazines and few years later her works showed at the major exhibitions in India.


Now, Swapna’s talent is known all over the world, as this woman managed not only to fulfill her own dream but also inspire the other people with disabilities.

Take a closer look at this collection, get inspired and realize that there is nothing impossible in this life, as long as your dream is strong!



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