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Airplane Window Paintings Recapture The Joy Of Flight

When you book the plane tickets, you try your best to choose the window seat, and it doesn’t matter that view is not so huge, but the idea of seeing the sky and the land down is captivating.


The famous artists Jim Darling, decided to make the memory from the flight last longer. All his masterpieces are done in the plane window frame, each of them telling their own story.
Jim Darling created the artworks basing on the pictures he made himself while on the plane or he borrowed the shots made from the people he follows on Instagram. In result he got such a cute collection.

Initially the artist got inspired while working for the art show and painting the images of people sitting together in the flight. Along with the work, he realized how much the plane window itself makes the scene interesting.

The idea of creating such works was not the desperate attempt to change people’s view on traveling matter, but these works actually have a great impact on the artist himself – it motivates him to travel and of course now his priority is to get a window seat and get ready with another masterpiece.



featured image: parisbyfriday

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