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A Proof In Pictures How Wasteful People Can Be

The problem of environment became extremely important in recent years due to the pollutions and general people’s careless. In most of the cases people don’t notice how much harm they cause to the nature. Therefore, the photographer Antoine Repesse decided to make an experiment and show to the others how wasteful humans can be.


The photographer stopped throwing away the garbage from 2011 long with 200 friends and colleagues. He accumulated around 70 cubic meters of recyclable waste and as soon as there was no more space in his flat in France he made a photo shoot of the result.

People know that they throw away a lot of garbage and a huge mess around, but to know it in mind and to see how really the situation is – are two different things. Pictures have a really stronger result and impact. The friends and the colleagues were posing in the middle of the garbage towers creating a series of pictures, called “#365 Unpacked”.
One of the main goals of this project was also to show not only the quantity of the recyclable waste but how all of us end up with 4,800 toilet roles, 800 kilograms of newspapers we store at home, and we just don’t notice these things. Antoine Repesse was curious how things lose their importance for people if they don’t use them.

Hopefully these pictures will not leave the society indifferent and will be like a small wake up call for majority of us. Maybe next time, we will think twice before throwing away the empty box in the street.



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