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10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern Art

The art doesn’t stay at the same spot, and the medieval painters would have been really surprised to see what modern artists use for making their masterpieces:


10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern ArtConical anamorphosis by Dimitri Parant (Image Source)

It is a rather specific way of drawing, as the whole picture can be totally understood only if you look from the certain angle. Some of the pictures can be watched only through the mirror. How weird is that? The first examples of such method was presented by Leonardo Da Vinci in 15 century, but the artists added a bit of improvement through the years.


10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern ArtRichard Estes The Candy Store, 1969

This technique became extremely popular in 1960-s, when photorealists started to create incredibly clear and almost alive images, which nobody could define if it is a photo shoot or a painting. If you would like to doubt your life and check how good you are in arts, have a look at the works of Richard Estes, Audrey Flack, Robert Bechtle or Chuck Close.

Dirty Car Work

The hilarious notes left on windshields, like ”wash me, I am dirty” turned into a new form of art. Scott Wade – the American graphic designer, found his call in drawing incredible pictures with dirt from the car windows. Now he is making love appearance and is called to take part in numerous shows. That’s how innocent joke can turn into career.

Body Fluid Art

10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern Art Vinicius Quesada’s “Blood Piss Blues” series

People are so hard to be surprised, that artists don’t know anymore what to use instead of the regular paint to attract more fans. Vinicius Quesada found a new material for her works, using her own blood, thanks to which a series of paintings “Blood Piss Blues” was created. The surrealistic pictures are kind of weird, if you know exactly with what they were done.

Painting with Body parts

It is not only about the paint now, but also about the equipment. The paint brushes are no longer in fashion. The famous Pricasso is known for using his penis to write phenomenal pictures.

And Ani K. creating the masterpieces with a tongue.

Reverse 3D images

10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern ArtArtist is painting one of her living subjects

The new method is playing with your mind, making an illusion of a three dimensional object look like a painting. This method is perfectly seen in the works of Alexa Meade, who is working in Los Angeles. The artists likes to create the image of a person sitting on the blocks, leaned against the wall, which creates realistic painting.

Shadow art

10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern ArtFred Eerdekens, "Lettres"

Shadow art is very popular now in the theatre and it slowly transitioned into the world of painters. The most outstanding artists who play an extra attention to the position of details, words are Kumi Yamashita and Fred Eerdekens.

Reverse Graffiti

10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern ArtReverse Graffiti ~ Moose Paul Curtis

Graffiti has the same story as with car washing. This unusual technique started with English artist Paul ”Moose” Curtis who got his inspiration from the nicotine stained window while washing the dishes in the restaurant. But the police is not a big fan of such art and Paul Curtis had few issues with a police.

Body art illusion

10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern Artartist Hikaru Cho creates unique body art paintings for Amnesty International

The Japanese artist Hikaru Cho is known her cartoon like illusions, which are incredibly realistic. As well as Johannes Stoetter and Trina Merry.

Light Painting

10 Of The Most Bizarre Forms Of Modern ArtLight painting art

As it always happens, something unusual is discovered when it wasn’t intended, this is what happened in 1914, when Frank and Lillian Gilbreth used camera with open shutter to catch the way how employees move. The initial goals was to find the way to ease the working process. But instead they found a new form of art which is now developed by Trevor Williams, Michael Bosanko and Kan Leonardo.


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