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10 Of The Most Extraordinary Forms Of Modern Art

“You can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not understand that imagination is a value in itself.”

Milan Kundera

Since the advent of the human civilization various forms art had been existing in the world. There are also some forms of modern art which are possibly as old as humans themself. But the ancient art of cave paintings cannot be compared to the various strange forms of modern art that is prevalent in our society. Some such modern forms of art are :

1. Anamorphosis

It is a form of art where the images drawn can be understood only when viewed from a particular angle or point of view. In certain instances, the images are drawn in a manner such that they will only appear when viewed through a mirror.

2. Photorealism

photorealismimage source (Image Source)

This form of modern art became popular from the 1960s, when artists tried creating life like images which usually imitated any particular photograph. The artists covered each and every tiny detail which the camera could record as a result they were able to create “an image of an image of life.”

3. Dirty Car Art

This art form essentially involves drawing in the dirt which is present on the unwashed car. It in general doesn’t have a great reputation as an art form—most common forms of this art include writing “wash me” on the car or the ,most creative  “I wish my wife was this dirty” slogan written on the car.

4. Body Fluid Art

body-fluid-artimage source (Image Source)

 Though it might seem weird but there are lots of artists who use body fluids to create various works of art. This is just the tip of what might seem a very disgusting iceberg.

5. Painting With Body Parts

It’s not just the art of using body fluids to paint that’s on the rise, there are a number of famous artists who use parts various parts of their own body bodies to paint various pictures and this art form I gaining popularity very fast.

6. Reverse 3-D Imaging

reverse-imageimage source (Image Source)

Using anamorphosis one can easily make two-dimensional objects to look like three-dimensional but reverse 3-D imaging does the complete opposite. It makes a three-dimensional substance look like any other drawing or painting.

7. Shadow Art

shadow-artimage source (Image Source)

It is very difficult to say that when human beings first used shadows to make art, but there are many artist who have modern shadow arts to spectacular new heights. Shadow artists have been using certain objects positioned carefully to cast different shadow images of various things.

8. Reverse Graffiti

reverse-graffitiimage source (Image Source)

Reverse graffiti is an art form which is done by removing dirt instead of adding paint. Artists use various types of power washers using which they remove the grime present on the walls, and in the process create various beautiful pattern sand images.

9. Body Art Illusion

body-artimage source (Image Source)

 Body art is one of the most ancient forms of art which was even used by the Mayan as well as Egyptian civilizations. Body art illusion is a modern twist to this ancient form of art. This body art illusion technique is one where the human canvas is painted so that it blends with the background and deceives the onlookers.

10. Light Painting

light-paintingimage source (Image Source)

This form of art was discovered in the process of doing something else and discovered this form of art Lillian and Frank Gilbreth were one of the first ones to use this form of art.

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