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This Amazing Staircase Was Installed In The Regular Office Building

The office building in Israel, Tel Aviv can now boast with such astonishing sculptural staircase made from Poplar wood.

sculptural-stairs_130616_03Itay Sikolski


The project was performed by two artists- Olde Halaf and Tomer Gelfand, who made a staircase from two elements: the spiraling stairs and tornado, which serves as a balcony as well, from where you can admire the whole hall below. The bottom of the staircase skilfully hides the reception desk, which merges with the starting point of the spiral wooden sculpture and the desk is designed from the same material to keep the interior in one style.

sculptural-stairs_130616_04Itay Sikolski

The total length of the railing is 9, 000 meters of raw Poplar wood and in order to create such arches, it was carved with CNC machine.
You may have an impression that the whole structure is rather flexible, while in reality it is very stiff and stable.

sculptural-stairs_130616_05Itay Sikolski

Just imagine to walk to your office using such an amazing staircase?

sculptural-stairs_130616_06Itay Sikolski


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