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These Gorgeous Mansards Will Make You Crazy With The Views

While some people don’t really like the last storey of the building, it has plenty of advantages, among which is definitely the astonishing view. Now the roofs are inhabited by people of all professions and statuses, from house workers to programmers. It is all about your choice and priorities:

Open space with ceilings up to 4,5 meters are truly impressive. While the living room, kitchen and dining is downstairs, the roof contains the bedroom and a wardrobe. Under it you may find perfectly fit bathroom and a hall.


The place of 8 square meters under roof was the exact spot for the household servants in Paris couple of centuries ago. But it turns out that even from such amount, you can actually design an apartment with kitchen bedroom, toilet and even a shower! Now, this apartment is owned by another modern housekeeper, who has a perfect view on the Eiffel Tower.


One of the best views you could ever dream about, straight from the bedroom you step into the terrace which opens the views at the eternal sea.


This apartment is 800 square meters, can you imagine? It occupies the two floors of the building and designers united the apartments and decorated the top one with a glass ceiling, so the owners can admire the bright sky with stars without leaving their bed.


If you look at this cute apartment, you won’t believe that under it there is a garage. The idea of making such a mansard came to the parents of one young lady, who decided to design something for the girl while she is studying at college.


This is the former rooftop of the school which turned into bright apartment with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The huge windows are left without curtains to let more fresh air come in.


This renovated cozy place belong to one of the programmers working at Twitter company who have always dreamed to live in a cozy summer spot in his hometown and dreams came true. The upper storey of the building was slightly damaged, but designers did a great job and even preserved the wood on the ceiling.


This place is specially designed for the fan of Medieval age, who decorated the walls and floors with skins, and features the black oak furniture inside.


Beautiful home and office in one turned out to be very light and open thanks to one designer, who made the entrance door from glass, where living room turns into bedroom, where is no bed, only the mattress, but she did find the place for the bathroom.


The owner of this apartment designed the place mostly not for himself, but for the artworks that can be found all over the place. Here you may see things from various corners of the world, showing the true passion of the owner.


This place was almost abandoned and required a real renovation which was done in excellent way. The apartment in Paris, located in five minutes from Louvre is truly stylish plus hosts two terraces.


Architects from Allen Jack + Cottier turned the former storage in Sydney into more than apartment but the whole fun center, featuring living room, four bedrooms, music hall, pool and this capsule, where you can find a bedroom and a bathroom as well.


Instead of the old roof on one of the buildings of Saint Petesburg city there is a new mansard with 390 square meters. The owner is a big fan of open air parties which he can easily organize now on the 120 meter terrace.



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