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The New Kindergarten In Vietnam Teaches 500 Kids How to Grow Their Own Food

The Vo Trong Nghia Architects implemented a new approach in children’s upbringing. In order to create a society that appreciates environment and surrounding nature, you have to rise these skills and notions from the early childhood.

farming-kindergarten-green-roof1 (1)

Thus the group of architects built a new kind of Farming Kindergarten which is topped with a green roof allowing kids to grow their own food. Located in Donghai, the southeast part of Vietnam, this innovating kindergarten carries a noble goal of teaching children how to appreciate and care for environment.

Farm-School-Vietnam-Vo-Trong-1020x610 (1)
Engraining warm and caring feelings ti environment should be done on the early stages of kid’s development, and this kindergarten is on a really good way!

farming-kindergarten-renderingFarm-School-Vietnam-Kids-In-Class-1020x610Farm-School-Vietnam-Kids-Playing-1020x610 (1)Farm-School-Vietnam-Vo-Trong-Exterior-1020x610 (1)farming-kindergarten-rendering


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