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The Landfill Trash Has Been Transformed Into Playgrounds In Taipei

We have already seen how artists and designers turned trash into marvelous pieces of art, and unusual designs. But Basurama went a bit further and decided to transform the trash into the building blocks for two new playgrounds in Taipei, Taiwan. The project is called Re-create Taipei and is partially commissioned as a part of World Design Capital 2016. The two playgrounds consist of two play spaces constructed from water tanks and street lamps reclaimed from local landfills.

Basurama has been redesigning trash into astonishing new pieces from 2001, working all over the world and raising the awareness among people about the benefits of reuse and how trash can be turned again in useful things. The current project has been made in collaboration with Taiwan Based AGUA Designs city Yeast . The design studio constructed two temporary playgrounds in the center part next to Zhongxiao Xinsheng, where Basurama uses trash that he found in the city. By the way, from Spanish “basura” means trash.

This unique playground was constructed in ten days only, but following a nine month design and planning process, as they had to decide exactly where to place it, material collection and of course to engage the community.
The playgrounds features such kid’s attractions as ball pit, labyrinth, a slide house and a tunnel. The recycled water tanks serve as a skeleton for all the play areas. For example, the water tank labyrinth is covered with variety of textures, like bubble wrap, astroturf and even a chalkboard surface.

These trash playgrounds are temporarily installed until the conclusion of the World Design Capital later this year.



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