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The Creative Theme Park – Noah’s Ark Opens In Kentucky

The region of Kentucky has been recently suffering from heavy rains and flash flood, maybe that’s why the biblical theme park containing huge ark has just opened right here. So far it is the largest timber- framed structure in the world and it will be open for visiting 40 days and 40 nights, the same duration as it was in the biblical fable of the great flood.


Amish carpenters who were building the structure followed the dimensions described in the Bible. That’s why the main Ark is about 500 feet long, 100 feet wide and 50 feet tall. The structure has been built by Answers in Genesis, which is a fundamentalist Christian organization. It is supposed to serve as both educational center as well as playground for kids.

If you remember from the Bible, the original ark was supposed to save Noah and his family along with pairs of animals from the flood, that cleared up the world from the sinners.

The modern complex is accessible for all Americans and it will not take you longer than a day to reach from any corner of the country. The arc contains dinosaurs, as well as petting zoos, camel rides and zip lines to make your day here more entertaining.


source: weburbanist

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