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The Colossal Sculpture Of Chinese God Of War “Guan Yu” Has Been Completed

The Jingzhou city, Hubei province in China can boast now with absolutely enormous statue of the ancient Chinese god and warrior Guan Yu. The stunning sculpture will attract thousands of tourists and locals to praise and behold its glory.


The 48 meter tall sculpture stands proudly on the 10 meter pedestal and the main goal for this monument is to revolve around the concept and character for righteousness. The picture is absolutely astonishing – over 4000 thousands of bronze strips have been glued around the sculpture with a weight of 1, 320 tons, carrying an axe like weapon – Green Dragon Crescent Blade, which only by itself weighs 136 tons.

Gian Yu is portrayed as a fearless warrior who is always ready to battle against the waves. In the nearest future a 8000 square meter museum is planned to be installed inside , which visitors will be able to reach by walking up the stairs, on top of the pedestal.



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