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The Smallest But The Coziest House Ever

You might not even imagine how does it feel like to live in the house with 10 sq meters only. It sounds like mission impossible right? But now economy and small houses are extremely popular, and the smaller the square is the better. This accommodation is one of those examples of how person can live and actually place everything she needs for a comfortable existence in such a tiny house. The owner of this cutie is Lina Menard, an architect and designer from Portland, Oregon. The lady has always gave preference to live in small rooms, so once she came with idea of building the house of her dream.


For sure it was rather difficult to fit in everything you need in such a tiny house, but Linda did it.


The house looks extremely cozy, crafted in warm brown tones, providing warm atmosphere.


Once you step in the house you won’t feel it is so small, thanks to right order of furniture.


It is not always about the size of the house that makes people happy, some of us can make a paradise in just 10 square meters.

source: bashny

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