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New Kew Gardens’ Installation Gives Impression Of Living Beehive

If you ever wondered  how does it feel to be inside the beehive, you no longer need to guess, as this summer Kew’s Royal Botanic Garden can give you a chance of experiencing it with your own senses. The Wolfgang Buttress’ award winning installation The Hive is open for the visitors to feel the atmosphere of being inside the beehive.


Originally this masterpiece should have been the centrepiece of the UK Pavilion, and now it is back home to surprise people. The installation is around 17 meters in height and the shape resembles the mimic of bees.

You may find thousands of LED lights inside this stunning structure which set a specific mood along with orchestral arrangement. After the new discovery that bees hum in the key of C, the decision was made to create a beautiful symphony of vocals and cello to compose and record, which creates a unique atmosphere inside The Hive, inspired by the hum of bees.

In September you will have a chance to see the “Hive Lates”, the series encouraging people to see the installation before the nightfall, as the structure takes a totally new form and shape when all the light is gone.



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