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How It Looks Like To Live In Almost Entirely Transparent House

Modern architecture is  characterised by simple designs and the idea of absence. One particular modern trend is the use glass to create transparency and sleek edges, accentuating environment, interior, and structure. Sometimes, beautiful views of your surroundings simply trump the need for privacy. Living in a bubble isn’t so bad when you’re in a remote location gazing at the sea or the forest, but some people take it one step further, living in almost entirely transparent spaces even in busy urban locations.

Look4ward had collected a list of the most unique transparent houses from all over the world.

The Glass House by Philip Johnson, a landmark in New Caanan, Connecticut and a monumental symbol of glass design. 


House NA by Sou Fujimoto Architects, Tokyo, Japan



Glass house London, England


FGR ARCHITECTS, Melbourn, Australia


Glass Cube House by Carlo Santambrogio, Italy

trasparant house

Cylindrical Glass House Containing a Tree

transparant house 2

 Paris, France


Western Vancouver, Canada


Peru, 100 km from Lima


Hiroshima, Japan


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