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Doomsday Shelters: The Largest Survival Community On Earth

Have you ever thought what is the safest place to hide in case of nuclear warfare or a zombie apocalypse?

Vivos Group made everything for you to get ready if some catastrophe occurs that triggers the end of the world. Californian company is engaged in building and maintaining huge fortified shelters where high-net-worth families can purchase space and live through any kind of world catastrophe.

It is a rather new development and Vivos xPoint has billed itself as the largest private shelter community on earth. The bunker community hosts around 5000 people and can handle a 500 000 pound blast.


This is how a modern Noah’s Ark looks like from inside:

You can’t call it home yet, but this shelter would be your temporary place of residence in case some Big Boom is coming down the Earth.

The property consists of 575 bunkers designed from hardened concrete and steel.

The property is located in South Dakota and was originally built back in 1942 by the Army Corps as a military fortress that used to keep there munitions and explosives.

The base got retired in 1967 and all the bunkers have been gutted. Vivos has purchased the property in 2016 and redesigned it as the “ultimate shelter community”.

All the bunkers range in size from 26 feet in width and 60 feet or 80 feet in length. According to Vivos there is a room which holds supplies for one year.

Buyers accept their bunker “as is,” without plumbing, electricity, or air filtration. They can hire a contractor or use Vivos’ services to outfit their doomsday den.

Now the company is estimating the cost of retrofitting each shelter by adding a blast door seal, interior lock, an escape hatch, a propane generator electrical wiring, plumbing, a hot water heater, and a septic system —  is roughly $12,000.

But if you would like to have a more optional construction, including   building  walls, flooring, and energy storage, could run up an additional $20,300 .

You can even turn your shelter into a deluxe suite if you wish.

There will be some amenities, including a full-time staff who will provide security, maintenance, and other support. Vivos also intends to install a general store.

Company plans to turn one bunker into a school and training space by next fall. It is not sure whether the company will provide the education itself, but rather make up a space for it.

A 99-year lease on a bunker costs $1,000 a year, plus a $25,000 deposit paid up-front. Vivos expects the renovation costs, including furnishings, will be many times that.

The company has already started to take reservations to lease a bunker and plans to organize tours as soon as the snow melts down in March 2017. The first tenants could already move in the beginning of summer next year.

source: uk.businessinsider

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