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Couple Build Amazing Eco Friendly Castle in Transylvania

Razvan and Gabriela Vasile, Romanian couple have spent two years building an eco-friendly “fairytale castle” in the mountains of Transylvania, using only natural materials.

They sold their home near the capital Bucharest to build the “castle” in a village, this lodge called  “Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies”, it is made of “100% organic” clay, straw and sand, with all wooden pillars and not a lick of modern paint or varnish. The couple hired a professional architect to work on their exclusive project.


Razvan says his childhood dream came true, the fairytale castle is today a real one, which, he hopes his son will enjoy with family and friends.


The castle is located40 km fromSibiu, in the Fairies’ Valleyand it will become a pension. It hasten roomsandfootprintof 320 square meters.



Casa Mea says the building “looks like something out of the Hobbit” rather than a castle in the conventional sense, and the owners hope eventually to open it as a hotel, given its location in the spectacular Carpathian Mountains and proximity to the famous Transfagarasan highway and medieval Sibiu.





Clay Castle has become popular among tourists  and even available for wedding ceremonies. The owner have a Facebook page with 18,000 “friends”, where he revealed his plans of launching organic food restaurant by the end of the year. 



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