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A Green-Roofed Hobbit Home Can Be Built In Just 3 Days

The famous hobbit houses from the Lord of the Rings movie have become viral not only for visiting but for building as well. Could you imagine living in one of such 400-square foot home, which is eco-friendly but has all the amenities of a usual house?


Magic Green Homes builds such structures using prefabricated vaulted panels and covers them with soil, where the green roof can grow naturally reminding you either Scandinavian houses or the hobbit one.

But the biggest benefit of the such houses is the easiness in construction, basically everyone can build such a home in no time. The construction itself is very easy to assemble, as it has perforated flaps for easy screwing and sealing components together.

The design can be adjusted to any type of topography thanks to the efficient technology and it can be customized to individual preferences and needs. One more advantage of these houses is that customers can start small and buy panels enough for building couple of modules and later on they can expand. You will need three people to bring construction together in three days, without lifting heavy equipment or having special skills and knowledge.

The technology originates from earth construction and stabilization, such as geotextiles and superadobe. These methods allow to achieve adequate ventilation and water-proofing, creating strong, stable and waterproof inner shells which structurally collaborate with the earth.



source: inhabitat

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