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16 Gorgeous Photos Of Fountains From Every Corner Of The World

People love watching new, fascinating architectural buildings, innovations, especially if they are combined with nature. Modern architects don’t stop surprising us with their new masterpieces, like gorgeous sculptures, powerful bridges and now even the fountains got a new shape and design. Such incredible designs can make people admire water falling endlessly:

Julie Penrose Fountain, USA

The largest fountain in the United States has 366 water jets spray the water all over, which is then captured and transferred into the spiral river. It is extremely popular during the hot summer days, when you can cool down a bit.
Divers Fountain, United Arab Emirates

The innovations and designs never stop growing and developing in Emirates. Divers Fountain is another masterpiece: it looks like a waterfall with dozens of divers jumping in. Stunning picture!
Water Boat Fountain, Spain

Spectacular design attracts thousands of visitors to see the beauty, that looks like a boat but is actually a fountain, which is constantly sprinkling from its pores and creates such a picture!
Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain, USA

The 14 ton sculpture, designed by the Czech artist is created from stainless steel layers that are constantly moving and once in awhile create a huge head.
The Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Spain

If you are looking for something more just a fountain, the Magic Fountain will surprise you wil colors, music, motions, even water acrobatic – everything is just right there!
Floating Faucet Fountain, Spain

The illusion of a hanging tap in the middle of nothing rises tons of questions: how does it stay there and where the water comes from? The designers made a fantastic job hiding their secrets.
Swarovski Fountain, Austria

The Swarovski Company didn’t stop on creating the jewelry, and now is operating its own fountain in the Crystal World Theme park in Austria. The design is rather extraordinary – a giant head resting peacefully inside the hill.
The Fountain of Wealth, Singapore

Another winner of Guinness Book of Records as the biggest fountain in the world. Visitors can admire the night laser shows, and during the day when the fountain doesn’t work, you can even collect the coins in the mini fountain for a good luck!
Charybdis Vortex Fountain, UK

Unusual design was created from acrylic cylinder where water flows in a circular movement creating an air-core vortex just in the middle of it. It looks like as if there is no other substance except mysteriously moving water.
Disney’s Fountain Of Nations, USA

The story of the fountain comes out of its name – around 30 years ago 29 representatives of various nations traveled to the fountain with their own water to fill it up. Since then it resembles the union of nations.
Dubai Fountains, United Arab Emirates

Located just in the downtown of Dubai, this fountain is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world. You can see the light from the fountain from 20 miles distance away….
The Stravinsky Fountain, France

The masterpiece of Igor Stravinsky is designed from sixteen various sculptures which move and splash water around making an incredible show for every visitor.
Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, South Korea

It is the longest bridge and fountain in the whole world, being registered in the Guinness Records. You can watch various shows during the day and night as well, when the show of lights begins.
The Fountains of Bellagio, USA


These fountains were designed to please people with a festive music, light and water. Built in Las Vegas, the middle of a night life, it does look spectacular.
The Volcano Fountain, United Arab Emirates

One of the must see places in Abu Dhabi. Built in 1980, it has numerous gardens around and steps that lead to its base. Especially amazing during the night, when it is all lit up and looks like as if lava is coming out of it.
Waterfall Graphic Print, Japan

This waterfall shows not only the dates, but various ornaments, designs and even current time, supported by numerous lighting effects it really looks like a movie under the sky.

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