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10 The Most Bizarre Houses Around The World

Sometimes architects get bored with usual designs, and this is the time when they start to craft something truly extraordinary and astonishing, like these incredible houses:

Upside down House, Krasnoyarsk. The trend for upside down houses is conquering the world and basically you can find them in all countries. But this one is built in one of the Siberian Cities, in Krasnoyarsk and is a huge tourist attraction.

The Shoe Salesman’s Shoe House. Another very popular design, but this particular house with five floors was built in 1948 and you may find the kitchen in the heel, a living room in the toes and even an ice cream shop just in the instep.

The tiniest castle of Europe. It is believed that this castle is the tiniest one in Europe, as there is only one room with a fireplace , which was built back in the 1950 s by David Scott.

The Nautilus Sea Shell House. The inspiration for such a design came from the sea shells and sea creatures, this is how designer Javier Sesosiain built it. The main goal was to unite the owners of the house with nature in the middle of the city.

Spaceship house. The alien shapes have always been interesting, and if you ever dreamed to spend a night in the alien space ship, this house is almost the exact copy of it.

The mushroom house. Weird and bizarre house wasn’t like this all the time. It used to be a normal house until couple of students along with a professor didn’t turn it into such a madness.

Robert Bruno’s steel house. The project of building this house lasted for 23 years for architect Robert Bruno, as he kept building and destroying the rooms again and again.

Tiny Wooden Houses on Wheels. From the outside it looks like from the old fairy tale or even may remind you a caravan. But the inside is actually extremely beautiful and home like. Plus you can always move it to any location you wish.

Walking house. The home of the future. If you didn’t like the one on the wheels, you can always swap for the walking one. It is eco- friendly, collecting energy by using small windmills and solar cells.

Tiny house amidst the river. The balancing house just in the middle of the river is a true miracle. It is a master ship of a group of guys who built in 1968 just because they needed a special spot by the river to take some sun. How cute is that?


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