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Wonder Of Ancient World: Hidden Secrets Of Kailasa Temple

Millions of people around the globe are fascinated with achievements of ancient civilisations. The truth is that the a number of ancient sites point to the fact that ancient civilisations lived on Earth in the distant past had incredible technologies that are still misunderstood today. A temple that ancients have carved out of a mountain rock is an existing evidence of that.

What is Kailasa Temple

Located in Ellora, Maharashtra, India, the temple is known as The Kailasa Temple. The temple symbolizes Mount Kailash, the home of Lord Shiva, one of the most important ancient Hindu deities. The Kailasa temple consists of 34 caves which were literally excavated out of the surrounding rock. The temple originated around 8th century A.D, but numerous theories suggest the caves are much older. It is really intriguing that technology of the period could have contributed to such a momentous construction task. This amazing structure cannot be replicated with ease, even today, in the 21st century.

ellora-amazingKailasa Temple (Image Source)
ancient-hindu-temple-1024x682Kailasa Temple

How was it built

Unlike many temples that were built from ground up, the Kailasa temple was carved out straight from the rock of a mountain. To add further amazement, a staggering 400,000 tonnes of rock were excavated and hauled out. Some researchers believe that the builders of the Kailasa temple used a vertical excavation method in order to achieve what they did. They started at the top of the original boulders and worked their way downward carving out one of the most fascinating ancient temple complexes on the planet. But how did they do it? What did the ancient builders of the Ellora caves use to excavate and build? Mainstream scholars indicate that the caves were built with the use of hammers, chisels, and picks, thousands of years ago.

One may wonder at the scope of the construction and estimate the temple to be completed after many decades or centuries. However, according to scientific reports it took less that 18 years to finish the construction of the temple.

ellora-caves-ancient-tech-1024x680Kailasa Temple (Image Source)

It was estimated that 60 tonnes of rock were being removed every day during temple’s construction phase. It is believed temple workers laboured for 12 hours a day hauling at least 5 tonnes of rock out from the mountain per hour. Scientists still have not fully figured out the constructions methods used in conjunction with the tools available during the period and were left baffled at the scope of the operation. Whoever has built these spectacular caves thousand of years ago definitely had more advanced tools than ordinary hammers, chisels, and picks.

ellora-caves-ancient-tech-2Kailasa Temple (Image Source)

The Kailasa temple is part of a complex of 34 monasteries and temples which span over an area of 2 kilometres. As they were all cut out of the mountainside, they are collectively known as the Ellora caves, carved out from a basalt cliff. The temple has a height of 98 feet, was 109 feet wide, and had a depth of 164 feet. This makes it possibly one of the biggest known structures of its kind on the planet.

ajanta-ellora-caves-5-890x395Kailasa Temple

This incredible temple caused a real sensation among the archeologists who are unable to explain how such a structure which truly stood a test of time through invasions and wars was built at all. The mystery still remains unsolved.

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