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Wider Influence Of Early Sumerian Civilization

Wider Influence of Early Sumerian Civilization

The Sumerian civilisation is one of the oldest and the first advanced civilisation on Earth. Even the Greek and the Roman civilisations are relatively contemporary compared to them. The Sumerians invented writing about 5200 years ago. Other than writing they invented a lot of other things like Mathematics, Banking, and Finance, Mythology, Astronomy, Democracy, Architecture and Engineering; all of these are still in use.

Sumerians used the sexagesimal number system (base 60) which helped them to calculate some interesting facts like 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour and 360 degrees in a circle. We use all of these in our everyday life. This advanced civilisation lasted for 2000 years and had influenced the other ancient civilisations like the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian and Indus. The Sumerian language is the oldest known language which inspired a lot of other languages.

Wider Influence of Early Sumerian CivilizationLetter sent by the high-priest Lu’enna to the king of Lagash (maybe Urukagina), informing him of his son's death in combat. w:Clay tablet, c. 2400 BC, found in Telloh (ancient Girsu).

Sumerian is a Turkic language

In 1874, a French orientalist Francois Lenormant compared the Sumerian and Turkish mythology and culture and analysed the similarities. He also compared the Sumerian language to the other Ural-Arabic languages and noted many similarities between them.

The German Assyriologist Fritz Hommel pointed out 200 Turkish words which are derived from the Sumerian language.

Turkish linguist and researcher Osman Nedim Tuna had analyzed Sumerian words and shows equivalence of 165 Sumerian and Turkish cognates, he also made a rough calculation about the age of the Turkish language, asserts it to be 4000 years old at least. After that, a lot of researches have been done by the linguists and the historians about the similarities between these two languages. All these proofs suggest that the Sumerians are actually Turks.

Wider Influence of Early Sumerian CivilizationThis Akkadian clay tablet,1 ca.1900–1600 BC,2 contains a partial version of the ancient Sumerian Legend of Etana written in cuneiform.

 Hungarians are related to Sumerians

Apart from the Turkish, the Hungarian Language has the closest similarities with the Sumerians. This is because the Hungarians and the Turks shared the same ancestral homeland in Siberia ages ago and because of that, their languages are still part of the same linguistic family with many grammatical matches.

In 2013, a Hungarian scientist Nandor Dreiszigar researched and analysed the genetic data of the Hungarians and the Turks. The result prominently showed that both the races once shared the same ancestors.

Sumerians influenced the ancient Greek civilisation

Sumerian influences on the Greek civilisation are merely mentioned by the historians. But there are many proofs that the ancient Greek culture was influenced by them.

Wider Influence of Early Sumerian CivilizationSumerian Chariot 2500 BC.

 Similarities between Sumerian and Greek mythologies

German professor Walter Burkert authored a book named “Die Griechen und der Orient: Von Homer bis Zu den Magiern” which mentions all the influences the Sumerian mythology had on Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.

Babylon was built upon Sumer

After the nomadic tribe called the Akkadians (later Babylonian) had conquered Sumer led by their king Hammurabi; they made Babylon upon the Sumerian civilisation. Babylonia persisted only for approximate 400 years.

 The Mycenaean Greeks

There were Mycenaean Greeks before the classical ancient Greeks who influenced the culture, folklore, and mythology of the ancient Greeks. The Mycenaean culture was also influenced by the Sumerians.

Wider Influence of Early Sumerian CivilizationPhoto/Mycenaean Lady Fresco

The Homer classics Iliad and Odyssey were widely influenced by the Turkish Gur (Hurrian) mythology.

Wider Influence of Early Sumerian CivilizationThe approximate area of Hurrian settlement in the Middle Bronze Age is shown in purple.
Wider Influence of Early Sumerian CivilizationHabiru hyksos hurrians hittites

There is a hypothesis that the classic Greeks and Mycenaean Greeks may be originated from the Turkish Hurrians. If the theory is ever proved, the Hurrians will be established as the missing link between the Sumer and the ancient Greeks.


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