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The World’s First Pyramids Might Not Be The Ones In Egypt, But In Kazakhstan…

The new Egyptian style pyramid has been found in a very remote area of Kazakhstan. Even though the structure is quite ruined, it is believed that original look was alike the famous Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt, and what is even more fascinating – built around a thousand years earlier!

The bronze era pyramid found in Kazakhstan (left) and the famous Egyptian Pyramid of Djoser (right) the new find was said to look like when it was built 1000 years earlier

The pyramid was discovered last year but was kept in secret by scientists. Within the next few days, scientists are planning to explore the closed burial chamber of the complex. According to the archaeologist Viktor Novozhenov, the pyramid was built more than 3000 years ago in Saryarke for the local pharaoh, a leader of a tribe in late Bronze epoch. The just released images of a new pyramid are  truly sensational and show the artifacts and the layout of the pyramid. The whole discovery was performed by specialists from the Saryarkinsky Archeology Institute in Karaganda under the leadership of Igor Kukushkin.

37421D6100000578-3741937-image-a-36_1471286060908The archeological site in Kazakhstan. Archeologists discovered it last year but have kept their 'sensational find' secret

If to go back to Soviet times, Karaganda used to have a nickname – the middle of nowhere and was a destination for political exiles from different pats of the former USSR. The new archaeological site highlights a step mausoleum and is named the Begazinskaya, or Begazin Pyramid, which was built around 3000-3500 years ago. The structure includes around 27 various constructions dating to various epochs, while one of the biggest buildings has five levels of stone steps.

Yet the discovery of the pyramid shows that a rich culture thrived here in the deep past.

We do know that pyramids exist not only in Egypt and were already found in China and Mexico, but this copycat would be the first one in Kazakhstan.

The location of Shet district where the new pyramid was discovered in Kazakhstan - 3900 miles from Cairo in Egypt


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