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The Mystical Vinca Figurines – Evidence Of Alien Contact 7,000 Years Ago?

The Mystical Vinca Figurines - Evidence Of Alien Contact 7,000 Years Ago?

Simply try to witness the picture in your mind with the following character trait – oval shaped head, giant almond shaped eyes, narrow nose, and mouth with no lips – Bingo! You got it! It is the face of an alien or an extraterrestrial being. Yeah, the color of the creature is either gray or light brown and the face is larger than the body. This was exactly the perception which was followed after the excavation at the Vinca region.

In accordance with the researches of the ancient civilization this is exactly the depiction obtained from the Vinca culture. There is mention in the culture that the visitors were Gods who came from the sky, to motivate and push the advancement of civilization and technology in humans.

While, there are those which attribute the depiction to hallucination or ingestion of drugs, there are also the ones which stand firm with the rationalistic and materialistic science.

The Mystical Vinca Figurines - Evidence Of Alien Contact 7,000 Years Ago?2000 figurines with mystical look were excavated in the area around Belgrad

There has been an indication of the extra terrestrial depiction in around 7000 BC in European countries.

The Vinca culture

Vinca culture covered a large area, entered on Serbia and parts of Bosnia, Croatia and western Romania. Vinča-Belo Brdo is an archaeological site in Vinčasituated on the right bank of the Danube, 14 km downstream from Belgrade.

  • Excavation pursued in this particular region has resulted in almost 2000 figurines which have that mystical look.
  • In accordance with the archeologist, several centuries ago, the humans who lived in this region were on the receiving end of a significant impulse.
  • This impulse has indeed been the driving force for a civilized society.
  • The development of syllabic-alphabetic language and the linear writing system has been attributed to the same impulse.
  • If you consider the time slot of the same, it was even before the rise of Euphrates and Nile.
  • The question has arisen time and again with respect to the uniqueness and originality of figurines found belonging to this culture, which is nothing short of authentic.
  • It is rather surprising that even when the great Vinca culture had contact with the neighboring culture; it was the sculptural art of Vinca which remained different.
The Mystical Vinca Figurines - Evidence Of Alien Contact 7,000 Years Ago?Vinca culture flourished between 7,000 and 3,500 BC, in the region of Eastern Danube and is considered to have had contacts with the better known civilization of Sumer.

The figurines obtained from the excavation at Vinca region

Amidst the plethora of figurines obtained from the excavation, there were the strange humanoid figures. Some of these were depicted as guardian deities while some others as evil.

The Mystical Vinca Figurines - Evidence Of Alien Contact 9 000 Years Ago?The anthropomorphic figurines excavated in 1929, at the archaeological site of Vinča-Belo Brdo, dated back 5700–4800 BC

The question is not just regards to the strange sculpts, there is more to it.

  1. What was the aim to depict these figurines?
  2. Is it just a depiction of Gods and deities which brought advancements to the society and the humans?

It is a simple aspect, that the artifacts and the figurines which are made in a particular civilization are actually instigation to their imitation of the real world and nature around them. And, if this be it, then the Vinca culture does portray enough evidence and proofs for prehistoric contact with extraterrestrial beings around a period of 7,000 years ago. In fact, not just the figurines the writing and language also depict the same.

All of this, can be a strong implication that highly advanced beings participated in framing the civilization of the present!


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