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The Mystical Qenqo: Gigantic Zigzag Walls

Are you interested in mystical places? Do the ancient civilizations allure you? Are you one of the history enthusiast or an archaeologist? Even, if you are one of the above, it will be a treat to your eyes and senses when reading the below description. After all, the mystery till date centers around the temple, and it enhances it allurement.

So, first it is preferable to take a peek in the history. You must have heard or even read about the Inca civilization. It was the Europeans, which completely destroyed the empire in the 16th century. Even, when till date the magnanimous shrines, castles and cities are standing, there is no clue as to the motive which led to their establishment.

The above description is verbatim to the Qenqo temple.

52d2181bb6c48139d746ee5cc28dba237740a558Qenqo temple (Image Source)

Where is it nestled?

It is nestled 15 minutes from the city of Cusco, Peru. However, there is a vacuum in the history as to its existence or the motive behind it.

p1120766Qenqo temple (Image Source)

What is the meaning?

In the language Quechua, the term Qenqo implies labyrinth or zigzag.

This is exactly what the temple looks like!

18d2a6a79672edffbb6dd8b3e18376b3e0ad5d46Qenqo temple (Image Source)

What are the features associated with the temple?

  • The name of the temple arises from the crooked canal.
  • These canals are cut out of the rock.
  • From the structure one aspect is very clear and that is, that the canals were used to transport some sort of liquid.
  • However, researchers are still unknown to the fact that what the liquid which was transported was.
  • In accordance with a number of hypotheses, it can be holy water, blood or chicha (corn beer).
  • The indication of the 3 liquid can be that it was back then, used for death rituals. The death rituals can again inculcate embalming of the bodies or detecting whether a person lived well or not possibly.
5ca2afef4e3581e3cab425779dd9f0b8f477297fQenqo temple (Image Source)

The construction

  1. Qenqo is definitely imperative for its uniqueness in construction.
  2. It is further of immense significance since, it has been carved out of a magnanimous menhir.
  3. It is sprawling across the hillside.
  4. It is carved out of rock.
  5. There are a number of man-made tunnels which have natural chambers.
  6. An interesting aspect of this chamber is that it has a total of 19 little niches, and is established as an amphitheater.
  7. And again, it is almost impossible to correctly detect the true purpose of the amphitheatre.
  8. However, most of the historians agree, that the area was utilized for sacrificing. The sacrifice was done to the sun, the moon and the star Gods. Undoubtedly, the Gods were worshipped at the site.

Hence, one can deduce that for the Inca civilization, Qenqo temple was immensely sacred. It is again possible that the dead were judged here. Following the judgment, they were embalmed in the winding tunnels. The blood was sacrificed to the Heavenly Gods.

Even, when till date not immense is known about the temple, one aspect is for sure- The temple is an epitome of amazing ancient architecture and will continue to attract the archaeologists!

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