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The Mystery Of Hyperborean Gallery And Giants Of Romania

The Hyperborean Gallery also known as the Gallery 13 is a place associated with an amazing discovery. It is nestled beneath the Cornea village, Romania. There have been pursuing a number of discoveries in this area. However, the one discovery which invited enough speculation and led to the cementing of the site is summarized in here.

In accordance with the legend, an underground gallery was fabricated in the region by the Agathyrsi.

During excavating the geologist found a gravestone. The sample of the gravestone revealed it to be made of 55% 50 karat gold, 15% granite and 30% wolfram. This quality and amount of gold is surprising for the era.

In the gravestone the archeologist found a 10 m tall skeleton of a giant. It was sent to Moscow for examination. However, no result till date has been received.

One of the many archeologist who was working at Gallery 13, sent some pictures of the gravestone to a paleolinguist.

It was the paleolinguist who noted emerald green writing covering the entire surface.


It was he who speculated that the unknown writing could be Pelasgian, and the discovery has some promising cultural and historical value.

When, the excavation was further pursued there was revealed an entrance to a pit. The pit cascaded to a spiral stairway. There was witnessed a milky violet light radiating from inside.

Now, the source of the violet light could not be determined. Hence, the paleolinguist descended into the pit. However, it was only him who was brave enough to go. He never returned back.

As of the present, the army has sealed the entrance to the pit and the entire Gallery 13 with cement.

In fact, the people who were present there, have been made to sign confidentiality agreements, thus, what lies beyond the staircase of the pit remains a mystery till date!

discovery-of-a-skeleton-1The discovery of a skeleton that measures 10 meters or 32.8 Feet. (Image Source)

And, if you thought this is it, the region of Romania has many legends associated with giants, other than the above as well!

  • In the Boziorul area, the name for giants is tartars. When the localities tried to plant apple tree on a hill, they discovered humanoid skeleton which were almost 8.2 feet tall and some pottery fragments unearthing. This was an accidental discovery.
  • There is also the lore which bespeak of the Pillars of Tainita build by the giants.
  • There is the legend associated with the Hateg Country. It bespeaks of the story which led to the making of the Severed Mountain and the city of Deva.

Archeological discovery which instigate to giants in Romania

  • In the period of 1940 and 1950, the archeologists unearthed 80 humanoid skeletons which measured 13-16 feet in height at Giurgiu.
  • In Pantelimon, Lebada 20 giant skeletons were found in October 1989.
  • In Agredava 80 graves, have been discovered with giants with a height of 1 foot.

Till date the Romanian giants continue to be unearthed accidentally or as part of some excavation.

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