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The Mysteries Of Zorats Karer Or Armenia’s Stonehenge

Mysterious depictions with curious humanoid beings have been found on some of the rocks at Karahunj stone circle complex. These weird creatures with elongated heads and almonds shaped eyes have caused controversial reactions ever since their discovery. Some researchers suggest it may be ancient astronauts that visited Earth in the remote past.


Karahunj or Carahunge is an ancient site located in modern-day Armenia, 200 km from capital Yerevan, near town of Sisian. This place known as Zorats Karer or Armenia’s Stonehenge believed to date around 5ooo BC.

Moreover, investigations by Russian prehistorian Professor Paris Herouni indicate that Carahunge (car means “stone” in Armenian, and hunge means “voice” or “sound”) was created as an astronomical observatory marking the movement not only of the sun and moon, but also the stars.


This ancient complex occupies over 7 hectares and offers its visitors a number of strange carvings created by early civilizations that inhabited the region thousands of years ago.


Armenia’s ‘ Stonehenge’ is much older than England’s version and consists of similar roughly hewn boulders positioned in two elliptical overlapping circles.

A number of the standing stones bear smooth angled spy holes that are 4 to 5cm in diameter, each one being angled towards different points on the horizon or ancient targets in the heavens.


Interestingly, many of the boulders found at Karahunj have strange holes carved through them, and some researchers have even drawn similarities to the megalithic boulders discovered in ancient Egypt and their curious holes.

A key stone had a hole that was focused due north towards the meridian. This suggested that it targeted a bright star at its culmination – i.e. the highest or lowest point it reaches as it revolves around the north celestial pole.


More significant is that Carahunge’s principal stellar alignment is towards Deneb, the bright star in the constellation of Cygnus the swan.


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