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New Discovery: The Largest Pyramid Has Been Discovered In Mexico!

Researches confirm that the newly discovered pyramid in Mexico is even larger that the Great Pyramid Of the Sun in Teotihuacan. The first excavations have been done in 2010. The Pyramid was discovered by the specialists from the national Institute of Anthropology and History on the acropolis of Tonina, Chiapas and is believed to be around 1700 years old.


According to Emiliano Gallaga, the director of the archaeological zone, they have been working on it for the last two years and researches have verified that the northeastern part of the site featured the largest construction in Mesoamerica, which can be compared in size only to great Mayan cities, like Tikal and El Mirador in Guatemala.

Another unique features about this structure is the shape and the seven platforms which are integrated and there are also few spaces which definitely used to serve as temples, palaces and administrative units. This pyramid is a whole city, where many of the social functions were performed and which has never been noticed in any of the archaeological sites in the Mayan world for example.


There are even roads on top of surrounding elevations. The researchers have confirmed that the city had an architectural continuity between 10 and 12 hectares, which exceeds the size of what was previously thought and mainly corresponds to the south facade of Acropolis, which until now was the most important Mayan areas known to the researchers.


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