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New Discovery In China Reveals a 300 Million Year Old Screw Inside The Rock

screws in the ancient stones

Historians and archaeologists are again bewildered with another mystery. Revealed in 2002, this new discovery has got a great amount of attention from everybody, starting with collectors and finishing with researches. The mysterious part contains a metal screw which is stuck within a piece of rock. It is around 6×8 cm with a weight of 466 grams. But the issue is that the rock is not usual as well, and the shape of the metal screw makes researches believe that it is around 300 million years old.

Geologists are still fighting with defining the origin of the rock. As tests didn’t show the exact composition of the rock, so all the theories have a right to exist. One of them states that the rock could have been man made and therefore label the stone as the most valuable in China, along with the world of collection, research and Archaeological studies.

There were many theories suggested about the origin of the rock and embedded metal bar , which contains clear screw threads. Most of the researchers tend to believe that it belongs to the remains of prehistoric civilization, while the others suggest due to the mysterious compositions of the rock, there is a possibility that both the rock and its metal companion could have originated from a totally another planet. Researchers were not able to confirm from which material the screw was made – from metallic material or something else. Researchers from the Institute of Geology and Minerals Research of China Academy believe that the body of the screw might have been made before the rock, that contains it solidified, the process which took place 300 million years before the current era.
It is absolutely obvious that there is a huge part missing in the history of mankind, as such objects as the Lanzhou screw can’t be explained so far. If to believe the researches, the super continent Pangaea was formed 300 million years ago, and it is believed that the screw has been formed around that time as well. This is not the first discovery of the mysterious rocks and screws, as another was done in Russia couple of years ago. And the sizes of the screws are totally the same.


Such discoveries one more time prove that our history and origin might be totally wrong all this time. And there could be more advanced civilizations existing millions of years ago on our planet. If it is true, it means that the history will have to rewrite itself….



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