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The Mystery Of Pedro Mummy From Wyoming Mountains

Have you heard of the accidental excavation?  Have you read about some discovery which just happened without any objective by the discoverer? Have you come across the archeologist or the researchers which speak about availing some of the most amazing artifacts, from the place, where they least expected it! Well, the mystery of Pedro mummy surrounds every bit of this information.

Before coming to what this is all about, it will be better to understand how and who got hands on this strange looking mummy!


What is Pedro mummy?

In the year 1934, June, two gold prospectors discovered a small cave in the San Pedro Mountains of Wyoming. They were then, blasting for gold in there. The small cave was somewhat hidden by a deep rock. They move on to explore the man-made cave. And, this is when they made a very different discovery-

  • A well preserved mummified reminiscent of a tiny human being.
  • It was almost 6 and half inches in height.
  • And, the position in which it was discovered was sitting cross legged on the floor.
  • The body was preserved perfectly well in a gelatinous preserving substance.
  • The feature of the body inculcated- a flat nose, complete set of teeth, fingernails.
  • It appeared to be an old man.

The lore

The local Native Americans like every other civilization and culture have many folklore and legends. In accordance with their legends, there have been stories of little spirits or tiny people. These tiny people or spirits had some mystical powers. It is with these powers that they could heal people. However, there are also references where these individuals were called aggressive. Similarly, there have been instances which led these tiny people to attack the Native American with poisoned arrows.

Whenever any discovery is made, there are those who consider it hoax and there are also those, which believe in it. So, the latter group of scientists came to the region-to examine the tiny creature.

mummy-pedroimage source (Image Source)

The following conclusion was reached:

  • There was one mention which indicated to that he was a baby who died shortly after birth.
  • There was another suggestion that he was an adult of the age group between 16 and 65 years. In accordance with this suggestion, he could not have been a new born baby, because his teeth were extraordinarily sharp. Yet again, there was presence of raw meat in his stomach.
  • In consonance with the X ray investigation, Pedro had suffered a violent death. It is indicative of, since, his bones were broken, and there was clear damage to his skull and spine.

There were those, who concluded the mummy to be of a human, and also the ones who suggested it to be a member of the species of Native American as mentioned in the folklore. However, there were those suggestions as well, which indicated it to be an extra-terrestrial being.

It was displayed in many slideshows in the 1940s.Then, the collector named Ivan Goodman purchased it. After his death, he entrusted it to Leonard Waller. However, as of present, no one knows where the Pedro body is!

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