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Mystery Of Mayan Collapse Deepens With Dramatic Discovery

The collapse of the Mayan Civilization has been a great mystery which has yet been solved by the researchers. There have new clues which have been unearthed regarding the sudden demise of the ancient Mayan Civilization. Archaeologists have been able to make several findings which may shed some light on the fact that why the Mayan Civilization seized to exist all of a sudden.

Researchers and scientists hailing from the world famous University of Arizona went to the various digging sites located in Guatemala where the ancient remains of the ancient civilization were still present. Then they conducted various radiocarbon dating tests which led to discovery of several new facts of Mayan culture.

mayanPhoto: Takeshi Inomata (Image Source)

There were a record number of, 154 to be precise, radiocarbon dating experiments which were conducted by the team of researchers. The data collected from the tests performed in the sites in Guatemala provide a large amount information which was previously unknown. The University of Arizona described all studies in a statement published on their website.

melissa-burhamPhoto: Takeshi Inomata (Image Source)

It was long believed that the demise of the Mayan Scientists was due to a couple of major collapses, one which occurred around 2nd century AD and the other which happened much later during 9th century AD. But from the information gathered from the various radiocarbon tests of the various ceramic and excavated items along with the various dig sites, a whole new theory has been formed by the scientists regarding the demise of the civilization.

archaeologisPhoto: Takeshi Inomata (Image Source)

The new experiments revealed that the collapses of the Entire civilization occurred step by step in various waves which took place as a result of numerous wars, political disturbances along with a great deal of political instability. The Scientists and researchers believe that all these significant events caused the destruction of all the major locations of the Mayan city. The group of researchers also utilized the information collected from the Ceibal site so they could easily predict the population size as well as the major constructions which took place during the time.

The researchers explained that the new information suggested that “more complex patterns of political crises and recoveries leading up to each collapse.”

In the National Academy of Science all the findings of the researches conducted would be published.

1-archaeologisPhoto: Takeshi Inomata (Image Source)

An eminent professor of Anthropology of the University of Arizona and also a world renowned archeologist Takeshi Inomata, who was the lead researcher of the team said, “It’s not just a simple collapse, but there are waves of collapse. First, there are smaller waves, tied to warfare and some political instability, then comes the major collapse, in which many centers got abandoned. Then there was some recovery in some places, then another collapse.”

Though all the various new findings and the numerous data and information collected have not been able to solve the sought after mystery of the demise of the Mayan Civilization completely, but it has provided a whole new perspective to the same. According to the team researchers, these new findings have been able to suggest various new hints about the reason for collapse of this renowned ancient civilization.

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