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The Largest Dinosaur Footprint Discovered In Mongolia

Back to dinosaur era! We are aware that some of these creatures were incredibly huge and thanks to the recent discovery in Mongolia we have a visual proof of how big was the actual “big” reptile.
The cooperation of researchers from Okayama University of Science with Mongolian Academy of Science led to a revolutionary discovery: the footprint of one of the largest dinosaurs – a Titanosaur.
According to the results of discovery, the reptile left his gentle footprint around 70-90 million years ago in what is called now Gobi desert. The following picture of Shinobu Ishigaki will show you in reality how massive the footprint is:

The expedition has discovered several more footprints in the same area, but among them the Titanosaur’s imprint was the biggest one, making 42 inches long and 30 inches wide.
Now researchers have more insight into the dinosaur’s size but what is more important the scientists have clearer depiction of the reptiles nails. This way scientists will find out how dinosaurs used to walk and maneuver with their lumbering bodies.

If you remember the movie “Jurassic Park”, there dinosaurs were wagging their tales from side to side. But paleontologists don’t really believe it was exactly like that. According to them, reptiles used to keep the tail out straight above the ground.
So far Titanosaur is one of the largest dinosaurs discovered by paleontologists, and they estimate it to be around 65 feet in height and 100 feet in length. Most of the food these reptiles got from the ground, eating mostly ferns and conifers. The weight of Titanosaur is believed to be around 70 tons.

If you wanted to see the true size of Titanosaur, there are good news for you: there is a replica of it on the display in American Museum of Natural History! Created with a help of 3D printers , the museum managed to recreate the 122 foot long fiberglass replica of this colossal dinosaur!


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