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Is Mexico The Abode Of The World’s Largest Pyramid?

Is Mexico The Abode Of The World’s Largest Pyramid?

Would you believe if you were told, that the largest pyramid in the world lies in the city of Mexico? Well, the researchers and archeologists have been working to avail evidence on the same.

First and foremost, it will be better for the readers, to get the know-how with regards to the pyramid.

So, the story dates back to the year 1519. It was back then, that Hernán Cortés and his conquerors docked in the Cholula. Cholula is one of the largest cities in Central Mexico. Almost tens of thousands of residents of this place sat in the shadow of 17,000 foot    Popocatepetl volcano. The shrine in here had more number of stairs than the main pyramid of Tenochtitlan. It was the Spanish which completely broke it, and again fabricated Cholula in the same manner, in which they pursued across Mexico. In fact, this was exactly the fate destined for a temple of a shrine on top of a large hill known as Tlachihualtepetl.

pyramid-in-mexico-1Hernán Cortés and his conquerors docked in the Cholula in 1519.

Here is the exciting part of the story; the hill was not just a simple hill. It was in fact a man made mountain, which had the largest pyramid reminiscent of America. Or it would be better to name it as the largest monument ever constructed by man.

Is Mexico The Abode Of The World’s Largest Pyramid?

The most interesting aspect about this is that it till date continues to be the most permanent religious sites in Mesoamerica.

Here are some aspects about the pyramid:

  • The pyramid is wider than four football fields.
  • The pyramid is 1,312 feet wide and 203 feet high.
  • Here the many iterations of the complex of the shrine are asymmetrical.
  • It was fabricated over the first six centuries in the Mexican highlands.
  • However, some unknown event, made sure that immense part of this site was destroyed around 600 AD.
  • By 800 AD, Olmeca-Xicalanca people inhabited the city and the pyramid, trying to restore it.
  • However, in the 11th century AD, the Tolteca-Chichimeca arrived. They were brutal and slaughtered the presiding class of Olmeca-Xicalanca. The former did not take care of the pyramid at all, abandoning it completely.
  • By the time, the Spanish conquered the Pyramid; it was almost hidden in dirt and vegetation.


As of present, the city of Cholula has many numbers of churches. In fact, every year in the month of September, almost 350,000 people, visit the city to celebrate the day of the Virgin of the Remedies. Amidst these people, almost tens of thousands trek to the Tlachihualtepetl hill. Here they pray to, worship the pink, white and the gold church. This is a gesture performed by them, to bring rain every year in this region. However, the pious travelers do not know that they are actually being a part of the 2,000 year old tradition of continuous prayer from the people of this region to the Supreme power.

In accordance with Plunket- the archeologist and anthropologist               and Uruñuela – the Mexican anthropologist, the primary monumental stage of The Great Pyramid was fabricated between 90 and 100 AD. The asymmetry of the pyramid is attributed to the fact, that people of varying skill made it.

A lot is still left to be unfurled.

featured image©IMELDA MEDINA / REUTERS

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