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Indonesian Hill Might Hide The Oldest Pyramid!

So far it was known that the oldest Egyptian pyramid was built 5, 000 years ago and is considered to be one of the oldest miracles. But the recent discovery claims that a similar structure might be hidden beneath volcanic rubble and is four times older. If this fact is going to proved, the pre-history is going to be rewritten in order to show the ancient civilization as powerful and advanced that we knew it before.

According to one of the geologists Dr Danny Hilman, the new site in West Java is revered, because it hides an ancient temple underneath, which might have been built around 9, 000-20, 000 years ago. The mysterious hill was discovered in 1914 and it has become the largest site of such kind in Indonesia. You may find it between volcanoes, banana palms and tea plantation, at the height of 885 meters above the sea level, around 120 km from Jakarta.

The Sundanese people, the locals consider the hillside where are the chunks of volcanic rubble sacred. And geologist believes that this site in important, as there is an ancient pyramid hidden inside, which was built around 9, 000-20, 000 years ago. Dr Hilman has a theory that is was built in order to warship or in astronomical purposes.

If it true, it would mean that prehistoric people were somehow maneuvering the chunks of volcanic rocks onto terraces and stack them one on top of each other in order to build the pyramid. Unfortunately Dr Hilman’s further excavations have been backed by the Indonesian government which has recently announced the upper part of Gunung Padang the largest megalithic structure in south east Asia. Now the geologist is working on establishing the authenticity of the site, as it may ruin all the beliefs as for the primitiveness of ancient world. Some of the rocks stuck together with some form of ancient glue and have been carbon dated to 7000 BC. Therefore Dr Hilman believes that these ruins hide walls and rooms with terraces and steps inside, which is the first evidence of complex building.

The terraces are bordered by retaining walls of stone, which can be accessed by 400 steps, rising up to 95 meters. The whole structure has been covered by massive stones of volcanic origin. There were numerous geoelectric surveys done and samples taken. As a result it is believed that the terraced hill is around 100 meters thick and is built from couple of layers.


According to Dr. Hilman, the man made structures have been detected 15 meters underground. But the whole findings of Dr Hilman are disputed by Indonesian archaeologists and geologists as for the used methods and motives. According to them, the excavation can threaten the preservation of the site as it is now and don’t like the idea of involving civilian archaeologists in the excavation.


source: dailymail

Indonesian Hill Might Hide The Oldest Pyramid!
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