Fossils Of Baby Dinosaurs Discovered On The Ancient River Bank


New discovery has been made in the location where dinosaurs had been living for a few million years longer than elsewhere on the planet. Extraordinary new finds have been made by paleontologists from Tomsk State University this summer with the unearthing of a cluster of ‘baby’ dinosaurs all at a site in Kransoyarsk region, Russia.

The fossil were found on the bank of ancient river Bolshoy Kemchug. It is believed in the Cretaceous era the seas the site of a major river and the some remains of baby raptors were washed downstream to a dinosaur graveyard.

river Bolshoy Kemchug

The scientists from the Laboratory for Mesozoic and Cenozoic Continental Ecosystems at Tomsk State University suggest this infants remains belong to large predatory dinosaurs like Allosaurus which lived in Early Cretaceous times in south-eastern Western Siberia.

cluster of 'baby' dinosaurs

nside_stegosaurus_spike 2

Leader of researching group, Dr Stepan Ivantsov and his colleagues are also working on a theory that a ‘refugium’ existed close to this site – known as Bolshoy Kemchug-4 – where some species of the Jurassic period (which ended about 145 million years ago) survived into the Cretaceous era. 


All Images © Tomsk Sate University

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