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Egyptian Queen Khentkaus III And The Her Relation To Doomsday

Egyptian Queen Khentkaus III And The Her Relation To Doomsday

An unknown queen of ancient Egypt has been uncovered and she comes bearing bad news for the rest of the humanity. If the assumptions made by the researcher are found to be true I would be devastating for us.

During November last year a queen who ruled in the era ranging from 2649–2150 BC, a period also called the old kingdom, was found in the tomb known as Khentkaus III. The Queen’s tomb was found in a necropolis in the region of in Abusir, located in southwestern part of Cairo. The queen had been laid about 650 feet from her beloved husband, who was the Pharaoh Neferefre, who had ruled the Egyptian kingdom almost 4,500 years ago.

The loader of the research team, eminent Professor Miroslav Barta described the queens reign as “a black patch in the history of the Old Kingdom.” Though from the graffiti present in the walls of the tomb label her as the beloved “Queen Mother”, she is a totally unknown queen about which little was known.

Egyptian Queen Khentkaus III And The Her Relation To DoomsdayPharaoh Neferefre, who had ruled the Egyptian kingdom almost 4,500 years ago

The group of researchers from the famed Czech Institute of Egyptology analyzed the tomb and its contents very minutely and from this research Professor Barta described that the time back then was not much dissimilar to ours and after which disaster happened and everything was ruined.

Alongside all the different human remains, the archaeologists were also able to find various types of wood work, pottery, animal bones and copper of the “her funerary repast,” as told by Barta. All the items which include all the different anthropological evidence present in all of the human remains had the potential to reveal various secrets about the Queen.

Egyptian Queen Khentkaus III And The Her Relation To DoomsdayAround 30 copper and limestone utensils were discovered at the site

“The scientific potential is rather huge,” said Barta while describing the contents of the tomb.

With the help of carbon dating one can easily predict the age of the queen, and give details about any particular physical ailments and about the children’s she gave birth to.But the reconstruction of the three-dimensional face would be as termed by Barta”extremely difficult, if not impossible,” due to the smashed skull as done by tomb raiders.

As per the estimates it would take around two years to complete the complete analysis of all the contents of the tomb, but Barta is confident that it would provide rich new information to aid the Egyptologists. He also noted several similarities between our own world the world and the world the Khentkaus lived in.

Egyptian Queen Khentkaus III And The Her Relation To DoomsdayBurial site of Queen Khentkaus in the Abusir necropolis

“(It was) a crucial period when the Old Kingdom started to face major critical factors: The rise of democracy, the horrific impact of nepotism and the role played by interest groups,” he said. He also added that the change of climate played a pivotal role in ending the reign of the empire of Old Kingdom, along with many of the kingdoms of Western as well as Middle Eastern Europe during that time.

“(This) contributed to the disintegration of the era of the pyramid builders,” as Bartasaid “Without reasonable floods, there were no reasonable harvests and therefore very bad taxes; without appropriate taxes there were no sufficient means to finance the state apparatus and maintain the ideology and integrity of the state.”

“You can find many paths to our modern world, which is also facing many internal and external challenges,” he argues. “By studying the past you can learn much more about the present. We’re not different [from them]. People always think ‘this time it’s different,’ and that ‘we’re different’. We are not.”

“If we accept collapse as a fact, we will understand collapses as being a part of the natural course of things, and one of the needed steps in the process leading towards ‘resurrection,'” he said.

“Then, we shall be able to do something about it.”

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