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Mysterious Giants Of Nevada: Findings Of Lovelock Cave

Lovelock cave Nevada

Giants! Big creatures, tall, barbarous! That is exactly you know about them. You have definitely heard about the same in folklores, stories, historian excavation.
There are legends that the North America was inhabited by a race of giants. And, when you combine it with archeological findings, it very much seems possible.

The primary reference with the same context is here in terms of the lore:

1. The Native American tribe portrays the existence of a race of humans that were giants. These have been described as brave and barbaric.

2. The Paiute, the tribe nestled in the Nevada region, have the ancient legend of Si-Te-Cah, the red haired giants. In their language Si-Te-Cah implies Tule-eaters. In accordance with the legend the giants came from a distant island, fabricated by the Tule plants. The giants were spreading terrorism on the tribes by devastating them. In order to combat with them, the tribes united against them and chased them off. The giants in turn took shelter in a cave. Taking this opportunity the tribes put a fire at the entrance of the cave, thus suffocating them alive.
The second legend has given way to the archeological findings of the present.

ancient_giants_nevada_lovelock-758x569Is it possible that North America was once inhabited by a race of giants? (Image Source)

It was in the year 1886, a mining engineer named John T. Reid heard the lore from a group of Paiutes tribe people, near the location of Lovelock, Nevada. They even told him that the cave was in close proximity.
However, before he started digging himself, the news soon spread. The acumen was with regards to the benefit- attracting guano deposit, found inside. The miners, David Pugh and James Hart pursued the process of excavation in 1911, digging the surface layer. But, as soon as the surface layer was mined, strange objects were observed.

It was these strange objects that led to the official excavation performed in 1912 and 1924, by the University of California. In accordance with the official reports the artifacts which were gained were unusual:

– Claims were that mummified remains of red haired giants were found buried in the cave. These measured 8 to 10 feet in height. And, this is the acumen that these are referred as Lovelock Giants.

– A pair of 15 inch long sandal was also found. That is a real large sandal, which can only be worn by giants.


– Embedded in a boulder inside the Lovelock cave is a giant hand print. Needless to add the implications of the same.

The legend of Si-Te-Cah is definitely much more than folklore.

A similar excavation was pursued around 1931, which was also published in the Nevada Review- Miner. In accordance with the same there have been found 2 giant skeletons buried in a dry lagoon bed. The location is in close proximity to the Lovelock, Nevada. The mummies of the skeleton are similar to those done by the ancient Egyptians.

lovelock-mummiesTwo giant skeletons found near the Lovelock Cave in Nevada (Image Source)

This definitely lets people to believe that giants do exist.

However, the alternative history described the giants to be the offspring of the sons of God with the daughter of men.
The truth still remains to be explored.

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