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Artifacts Which Instigate A Different History

Artifacts Which Instigate A Different History

Researches, excavation and analysis have all the time made sure to either emphasize on a particular aspect or completely wash off a fact which people have believed in. And either of it is not easy. The present blog is pertaining to the speculation which arises due to the same.

While age of humans civilization has to be associated with the artifacts found, there might be a change in the historical dates

In accordance with some of the out-of-place artifacts found around the world, the researchers firmly believe that advanced human civilization has been on Earth for millions of years ago. There have been indications which prove, what happened differently on Earth in the distant past.

The artifacts which have raised the speculation are summarized in here:

1. The hammer

Artifacts Which Instigate A Different History

– there was a hammer found inside a rock. Now, for it to finish inside the rock, would imply that it had been built several million years ago. The speculation surrounding it involve-

  • The inside handle had undergone the process of carbonization
  • The head of the hammer was fabricated of iron purity which is only possible with modern day technology
  • Iron had undergone purification and hardening which is the process of metallurgy practiced in the 20th
  • However, the rock which has the hammer has been dated to the period of 400 million years ago.

Since, no proof was available with regards to the dates, hence this has been abandoned.

2. The Dorchester pot

Artifacts Which Instigate A Different History

– in accordance with the Geologist, the Roxbury Conglomerate is the place where this pot originated. The period which it is thought to be of belonging is between 570 and 593 million years ago. Some interesting facts about the pot include-

  • The pot is 4.5 inches high, 6.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 at the top.
  • It is made of zinc.
  • There are 6 floral adornments on its side.
  • A crown lies on the bottom.

However, there is still speculation with regards to the age of the pot which indicates it to be almost, 570 to 600 years old. Moreover, it is not a surety whether the vase was embedded in the rock, since; it was discovered following an explosion.

3. Iron cup

Artifacts Which Instigate A Different History

– this piece of metal was discovered in the year 1912 in Wilburton, Oklahoma. Frank J. Kennard discovered it, within a block of coal. Some aspects about this piece-

  • The artifact was embedded in the coal which dates back to almost 300 million years ago.
  • Even the anecdotal evidence was not able to provide the acumen that how the iron cup got embedded in the coal, 300 million years ago.

Hence, the age of the item is still skeptical.

Indeed, only time will be able to portray a clearer picture. Till then, whenever a new artifact pops up, it invited discussion and speculation with regard to the history and civilization again and again.


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