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Archaeologists Have Found A Mysterious Pyramid In China

Archaeologists Have Found A Mysterious Pyramid In China

When you see this amazing structure at first time you may think it looks like it belongs with the Pharaohs, but this strange tomb was discovered in central China!

A strange pyramid shaped tomb has been uncovered under a construction site in central China.

Archaeologists Have Found A Mysterious Pyramid In ChinaThe pyramid-shaped tomb has been found under a construction site in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province. IMAGINECHINA/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

People are simply surprised after this weird old burial site was found in Zhengzhou, Henan Province China. Because of its “Egyptian” characteristics, it has been labeled “magical” by local media..

Archaeologists Have Found A Mysterious Pyramid In ChinaIt's one of the two tombs found inside a coffin chamber near a grove. The other tomb is shaped like a half cylinder. Photo by Imaginechina/REX/Shutterstock

More surveys are yet to be carried out for identifying the age of the tomb, its owner, and off course the reason of building it in this specific shape.

Archaeologists Have Found A Mysterious Pyramid In ChinaChinese media have dubbed the newly found tomb the 'pyramid of Zhengzhou', though it's much smaller in size compared to the real pyramids in Egypt

The tomb has been named as the Pyramid of Zhengzhou by the Chinese media, although its structure is quite smaller in size in comparison with the real Egyptian pyramids.

3e42085000000578-4312328-image-a-14_1489494313656The tomb was found near a motorway situated about 3,300 feet (1,000 metres) west of the Sinian Grove in Zhengzhou.

In accordance with, an affiliation to People’s Day Online, this ancient tomb was discovered near a motorway situated nearly 3,300ft (1000 metres) the Sinian Grove’s west by the Yellow River.

Basically, this place used to be a village, but it has possibly moved away for making way for a new residential compound.

The staff from the Zhengzhou Cultural Relics Bureau discovered two ancient tombs inside a chamber. One is this pyramid-shaped tomb and another tomb is half cylinder-shaped.

This chamber that is 26ft (8 metres) wide and 98ft (30 metres) in length was made in a west-east position with the entryway facing the east direction. In addition, it includes a narrow aisle prompting to the prime dome alongside the pyramid-shaped tomb.

Archaeologists Have Found A Mysterious Pyramid In ChinaPhoto by Imaginechina/REX/Shutterstock

A resident was probably very impressed by these discoveries. He gave statements to a local reporter that he found it really magical and he had never seen something like that. He also found it look like an Egyptian pyramid.

A guard of the excavation site stated to the same local reporter that the tomb could be over 2000 years old and for that reason, the digging process had been going one for over a month.

Although people are amazed by China’s mini pyramid, experts said that they found it really common to see the circular-shaped tombs with a pointed roof in the region.

As per Henan Cultural Relic Bureau, these types of tombs came to light after the Han Dynasty (206BC–220AD) and were usually made of bricks.


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