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Ancient Establishments Instigate To Advanced Civilizations

History of civilization dates back to almost 120,000 years on the planet. However, there have been discoveries which instigate to an alternate past. There are historians, scholars and researchers which have their ancient thinking, and then there are those which belong to the open minded category. It is those belonging to the latter group that takes care of a more modern approach considering the latest in the findings.

Dr. Alexander Kolyptin, a geologist and Director of the Natural Research Center, has different views in accordance with the discoveries and findings he pursued.

Here is a summary of his exploration:

– He studied many ancient underground structures, those in the Mediterranean.
– It led him to rely on the aspect that the sites are interconnected.
– Even more interesting aspect that he reached to was in studying the material composition and geological features of the same. He enunciated that these mega structures were fabricated by an advanced civilization that resided on Earth, millions of years ago.

In accordance with this writing-“When we examined the constructions… none of us never for a moment had a doubt that they are much older than the ruins of the Canaanite, Philistine, Hebraic, Roman, Byzantine and other cities and settlements that are placed on it and around.”

This instigates that the dates found by the mainstream archeologist, was not apt, the sites were much older.
He travelled and explored the different ancient sites in the Mediterranean. It allowed him to compare, the similarities and details which portrayed another story. Here is a glimpse of the findings and conclusion pursued by him:-

1. The Hurvat Burgin reminiscent in Adullam Grove Nature Reserve, central Israel was very similar to rock city Cavusin in Turkey. He felt that the structures were like an underground terrestrial megalithic complex, which came up due to the phenomenon of erosion.

ancientHurvat Burgin reminiscent in Adullam Grove Nature Reserve


undreground-complexRock city Cavusin in Turkey

2. Similarly, his studies of the underground cities of Cappadocia instigated it to be the abode of kings of the underground. And, from the structures it could be deduced that those that built the underground cities were sun worshippers. It was this religion which later became the foundation stone of Christian religion.

cappadociaUnderground cities of Cappadocia

3. There have been sites in central and Northern Israel, and Central Turkey, which were exposed after cutting into the ground, some hundred meters. In accordance with the estimates, this depth of erosion could only be formed in 500,000 to 1 million years.
4. The numbers of megalithic constructions which are witnessed in all corners of the world, portray technology, which surpassed that pursued by the ancient civilization. In fact, in the same reference Dr. Koltypin stated that the stones fit together perfectly in some part without utilization of cements. And yet again, the beauty of the same is far beyond the work of men just using chisels.
5. And, in the reference of smart fabrication, how the mysterious markings on the Phrygian valley in Central Turkey can can be obliterated.

turkey-cart-tracks-1Dr. Koltypin claims the ancient "car tracks" are one of a number of clues "which prove the existence of ancient civilisations" but are often ignored by mainstream scientists.

In accordance with Dr. Koltypin these were fabricated by an intelligent race in between the era of 12 and 14 million years ago.
Fascinating and intriguing at the same time!

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