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An Ancient Library Allegedly Discovered Beneath The Sphinx In Bucegi Mountains

An Ancient Library Allegedly Discovered Beneath The Sphinx In Bucegi Mountains

Archeological evidences and researches are of immense significance to the history as well as the unfurling of some imperative chapters. However, there are times, when a discovery is kept aloof from the society and tagged as a hoax, rather than means to gather more knowledge.

This is the acumen, when the book Transylvanian Sunrise was published; it fabricated a lot of buzz in the researcher community. The book deals with the constraint of the discovery that has been made. It also throws light on the efforts that are utilized to pursue the advantages for special purposes and thus kept aloof from the society.

What does the book inculcate?

The book shows the discovery that was made under the Romanian Sphinx, Bucegi Mountains.

Where are the Bucegi Mountains?

There is the Carpathian mountain range that covers almost 6 European countries. And, the Bucegi Mountains are a part of this range. It will be interesting for the readers to know, that the Bucegi Mountains make the part of the Carpathians which are nestled in Romania.

underground-library-1The location of the alleged underground library located inside the ‘Masivul Bucegi’ mountain, Romania.

What is so special about the sphinx?

  • There is an ancient sphinx nestled in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania.
  • It was in the year 2003, that Pentagon discovered an aberration by utilizing its satellite technology.
  • In accordance with the book, a Pentagon satellite, in the year 2002, discovered a separate unit in the specific area of the Bucegi Mountains.
  • The empty space initiated from inside the mountain, at a certain distance from its slope.
  • In fact, this empty space has a shape of a well-made tunnel, and its route was well planned.
mountainsThe Bucegi Mountains Romanian: Munții Bucegi; are located in central Romania, south of the city Brașov. They are part of the Southern Carpathians group of the Carpathian Mountains.

What did the satellite scan revealed?

  • The satellite scan revealed two major energy blocks.
  • The dams were fabricated of artificial energy.
  • The first energy block was like a wall, which in turn was blocking access to the tunnel.
  • The second energy block was like a dome or hemisphere at the opposite end of the tunnel, in close vicinity of the center of the mountain.

Now, this is again interesting since, there is the local legend which speaks of Zamolxis. He is the God of the ancient Romanian people. There is the lore, in accordance with which he crafted his home and sacred sanctuary inside of the mountain.

There are those, which feel that this discovery is not real and the book is just claiming without any facts. Also, there are those, which are with the perception that all of this is pursued so as to allure tourists to the Bucegi Mountains, which has a resort town as well.

However, in this reference is the discovery in Egypt. This discovery was made by a group of archaeologists. The archaeologist discovered a primitive maze underground. In fact, they also published details about the discovery back in the year 2008, in the scientific journal of NRIAG. This discovery was also kept away from the society, even when the maze was real.

Hence, when the critics feel that book is simply a science fiction novel, many findings still remain to be unfurled.

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