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A New Discovery: 1,500 Year Old Skeleton Found Buried In Golden Jewelry

A woman named Farong, the wife of a Chinese magistrate died around 1,500 years ago and was peacefully buried in all her jewelry until the Chinese archaeologists didn’t discover the ancient tomb and revealed all the findings: a necklace of 5000 beads and golden ear rings.

The tomb has been found in Datong City, China in 2011 initially and is believed to be around 1,500 years old, just few decades before the collapse of the Northern Wei dynasty in 534 AD.

The skull of the woman was resting on a pillow of lime and two bricks were found inside the pillow along with rope patterns. The researches have been studying the area just before the construction project when they found the tomb.
You could see that the woman had a curly hair, deep set eyes and rather high nose. She was wearing a pendant with a sequin bead pattern on her neck and her shoulders were decorated with inverted lotus flowers. The beads of the necklace had decomposed but archaeologists say that it could be possible to bring it back together basing on the position of the pieces.

The ear rings are decorated with gold and gemstones in a tear shape design, along with gold chains and amethysts. During the last few years there have been quite a lot of gold ear rings revealed from Northern Weo dynasty tombs, but these ones are for sure the most exquisite.



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