A 14, 000 Year Old Mammoth Found In Mexican City Of Tultepec

An unexpected discovery happened in the Mexican city of Tultepec, while the workers were digging up in one of the busiest streets of the city they literally found the mammoth under the ground!

The archeologists believe that the found skeleton grew up to 16 feet tall with the weight of 10 tonnes died here around 12, 000-14, 000 thousands years ago while being caught in the mud trap  and has remained here until the civilization was build around.

The project of removing the bones and skeleton of the mammoth began in April and archeologists managed to take out the creature’s head, which is three foot wide. The process of removing the bones from the soil is not the easiest one, as thousands of years of dirt have to be carefully removed from every single bone.

35AD0DB500000578-0-image-m-33_1466908882878Besides that scientists have found the other bones: ribs, legs and it is believed that mammoth had a grisly attack but after his death. One of the paleontologists – Luis Cordoba Barradas believes that the specimen may have been partially cup up by a human group as well.

Mammoth belonged to the species of Mammuthus Columbi, and scientists believe that there are around 50 more mammoth to be found around in the Mexico city. Usually the skeletons have been explored by the lakes and other sources of water, as these areas were the points of gathering for these gigantic creatures.

One of the recent such findings happened to be in 2013 in Mexico, when the locals of Santa Ana Tlacotenco in Milpa Alta came across so far the most complete skeleton of mammoth.



Source: dailymail

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