500-Year-Old Female Corpse Unearthed Intact In China

ancient female corpse

Well preserved female corpse dating back to the Ming Dynasty was unearthed in Jingzhou city, Hubei province.

Global Times informs the female corpse was kept in good condition, her eyebrows and hair was clear as other features on her face. According to preliminary investigation, the woman was about 60 years old when she died.


Archeologists have found a total 13 garments on woman’s body, including a silk hat, five upper clothes (one made of cotton and four silk) and seven under clothes: two long silk skirts, one cotton skirt, two pairs of cotton patted trousers, a pair of knee pads, foot-binding cloth and a pair of shoes.


Scientists claim the reason the corpse was kept in such a good condition is that traditional herbs and jujubes were found under the coffin apart from the protective sticky rice juice.

Deputy curator of Shishou Museum, Mr Peng Tao informed that it is estimated that the woman’s body was almost 600 years old, according to the test results of her teeth and hair, and that the silk dresses prevented deformation and normal rapid decomposition expected for a corpse of such age.

He also said he discovery will make great contributions to the study of ancient burying customs and fashion of South Hubei province.


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