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5 Largest Cut-Stones In Ancient History

Talk about the present day gadgets, the fact that humans have been on a development spree, research, enabling medication and diagnosis of the deadliest disease, plans on making a colony on Mars! Indeed, every bit of what is happening today indicates the smartness, the intelligence and the capacity the humans of the present day!

But, there are those, less-talked-about people too, who stand way ahead considering the achievements made. Just so that the readers do not start thinking of Aliens or searching online, it will be best to come directly to the point. The indication is to the ancient civilization, the ancestors – to be precise!

While, the many excavations, the manuscripts and the artifacts bespeak of their excellence, somehow mainstream history never really credited them.

There is a plethora of things which can be mentioned with respect to the above, but, for now, here is a summary of five fabrications, which have made sure to baffle researchers pertaining to the way quarry, transport and carving of the raw rocks were pursued back then.

1. The Colossi of Memnon, Egypt

5 Largest Cut-Stones In Ancient History

these are the perfect epitome of the impeccable engineering dating back to the Ancient Egypt era. It has 2 magnanimous statues, built from a single piece of stone. In accordance with the researchers the stones used in the fabrication were quarried at El-Gabal, the carried 430 miles over land, because to transport them upstream on the River Nile was not possible.

2. The incomplete obelisk of Aswan, Egypt

5 Largest Cut-Stones In Ancient History

this particular monolith is gigantic. It measures almost 42 m. If it was completed, it could have weighed almost 1200 tons. The belief is that the primitive builders deserted the structure when naturally occurring fractures started appearing. In fact, till date the bottom side of the structure is attached to the bedrock. It is till date the largest stone every quarried.

3. Ba’albek, Lebanon- The ‘Stone of the South’

5 Largest Cut-Stones In Ancient History

if there is a structure at par with the incomplete obelisk of Aswan, in context of the largest stone ever quarried, it is this. In accordance with the researchers it weighs roughly 2,000 tons and some other as 1,300 tons. This structure too remains attached to its bedrock.

4. Le Grand Menhir Brisé, France

5 Largest Cut-Stones In Ancient History

till date it is the largest known standing megaliths on the European continent. Presently it is fragmented into 4 pieces which lie on the ground. In accordance with the researchers the completed menhir must have weighed 355-400 tons, and it had a height of 20 m. It is actually one of the total of 3 structures which was found at the Locmariaquer site.

5. The Ramesseum, Egypt

5 Largest Cut-Stones In Ancient History

this structure is also in Egypt. It has been the acumen for immense respect amidst builders, engineers and architects. The memorial shrine of Pharaoh Ramesses II is an epitome of Egyptian brilliance. However, today only some parts of the base torso of the statue of Ramesses remain. Undoubtedly the fact that the structure weighed almost 1000 tons, indicate the ability, the excellence and the dexterity to quarry, transport and work on heavy and difficult materials which the Egyptian possesses!

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