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1,900-Year-Old Female Shoes Discovered In Eastern Bulgaria

In the Sliven district of the Eastern Bulgaria in Europe, archaeological excavations have resulted in the discovery of a pair of 1900 year old leather shoes. These shoes have been put on public display after long and tiresome period of restoration.

The shoes belonged to a woman who once lived during the time of the Thracian Roman period. These female shoes were very well preserved even though they came from such an old period. The shoes were found during one of the regular archaeological excavations and provide us with a perspective about women fashion trends during the ancient Roman era.

The shoes which are almost 2000 years old are made entirely of leather as well as textile and they are laced together by using bronze wires. The Romans had been able to conquer the entire region of Ancient Thrace which was south of Danube by the year 46AD after which the Thracian aristocracy which was present in the local region became a integral part of Roman Society. The female leather shoes from the Thracian – Roman period were discovered during archaeological excavations in 2009 but had never been presented to the public until now.

Sliven which is a small little town locate in the region of Eastern Bulgaria, is a witness to various significant historical events, which took place many centuries ago. Sliven which is mostly inhabited by some of the richest craftsmen of Europe was deemed to be an important cultural hub of the region. In ancient past, Sliven was also a known as a cult center. It had also performed many similar functions during the early Christians era and later during the Middle Ages continuously

These female shoes are now put on display after several years of restoration along with various other previously unseen archaeological artifacts in an exhibition at the Regional Museum of History Located in the city known as Sliven in Bulgaria. The Museum has recently opened its gates to public on December 20, 2016 as mentioned by its director, archaeologist Nikolay Sirakov.


In a statement Sliven Museum said, “Certainly, the item to generate the greatest interest is a pair of lady’s leather shoes which is 1,900 years old.” It also added “This is one of the few pairs [of ancient shoes] discovered during regular archaeological excavations in Bulgaria. It presents ancient female fashion during the Roman Age.”

Many other important artifacts were also excavated in this region of Sliven which was inhabited by humans for a long time starting from the Neolithic age till the present day.

The very same exhibition of the museum of Sliven also presents many other significant items which are dated from 5th century BC to the 2nd century AD.

bulgariahydriashoes11Left: A 5th century BC bronze hydria, an ancient vessel for liquids, is the other top item in the exhibition of previously unseen archaeological finds in Bulgaria’s Sliven. Photo: Sliven Regional Museum

All the items on display have been dig from the sites in Sliven area. All the archaeological artifacts were discovered mainly in two of the burial mounds, one is known as the Popova Mogila (also called Priest’s Mound) located near the city of Trapoklovo, another is the Zlatnata Mogila ( also known as the Golden Mound) located near the city of Chintulovo. All the findings were done by a group of expert archaeologists, Diana Dimitrova hailing from National Institute and Museum of Archaeology located in Sofia along with the archaeologists of the Sliven Museum.

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