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10 Ancient Archeological Mysteries That Might Remain Unsolved Forever

10 Ancient Archeological Mysteries That Might Remain Unsolved Forever

Why some ancient history mysteries can’t be solved even by the world’s greatest minds?  Well, history has proven to be far more surprising than what many people believe.

The ancient world is full of unanswered questions that still confound and fascinate today. From Peruvian desert to the mountains of Afghanistan there are a lot of archeological puzzles that baffling scientists from all over the globe.

 Despite the rigorous efforts of the researches, these 10 mysteries listed below, are likely to remain unsolved.

1 – The Paracas Candelabra

Geoglyphs are huge images drawn on the surface of the Earth. The famous Nazca Lines are one of the most famous geoglyphs but Paracas Candelabra, measuring around 180 meters, are even more mysterious. These are located at a distance of about 200 kms from the Nazca planes.

While people are aware of who created the lines and when, “why” is a question still unanswered. Some people claim that it was a landmark for the sailors to see at a distance from the Sea, while some associate it with a religious value.

2 – The Uffington White Horse

When uncommon sights in England are considered, Stonehenge comes to the mind first. But, there are other mysterious sights, such as the Uffington White Horse, a 115-meter hill figure, created by digging deep trenches filled with the crushed chalk. The figure looks like a horse because some connections can also be drawn from the coins of bronze age.

People claim that this structure is the most ancient and the similar ones are created much later to honour the original horse sight.

3 – The White Shaman Rock

Studying and decoding the rock paintings in America, might reveal a lot of secrets. The White Shaman, in Texas’s Lower Pecos Canyon, is one of the oldest paintings. It is a 7 meters artwork dating back to 4000 years. Previously the researchers claimed that this painting shows humans in a battle field, while recently a researcher claimed that it shows humans communicating with the spirits.

4 – The Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis

10 Ancient Archeological Mysteries That Might Remain Unsolved Forever

The longest text written in the Etruscan language, is the Linen book of Zagreb. Most of its parts still remain untranslated as the Etruscan language is now lost. Researchers previously claimed that these pieces of text are essentially the funeral rituals. They were preserved in a good condition by wrapping them on ancient mummies.

5 – Sajama Lines

10 Ancient Archeological Mysteries That Might Remain Unsolved ForeverImage Source (Image Source)

Similar to the Nazca and Paracas Candelabra lines, Sajama lines in Bolivia are around 1-3 meters wide and 18 kms long. They cover an area around 15 times more than Nazca lines. The mystery behind these astonishingly straight lines still remains unsolved, yet some speculations are the these were made to guide the pilgrims, or may be have some astronomical significance.

6 – The Blythe Geoglyphs

10 Ancient Archeological Mysteries That Might Remain Unsolved ForeverImage Source (Image Source)

The Blythe Geoglyphs are a collection of geoglyphs found in Colorado Desert, near Blythe, California. They comprise of various animal and human figures, the largest being 50 meters man. They were apparently constructed by the Quechan or Mojave Indians, around some 10,000 years back or even 450 years back, as the origin and purpose are fairly unclear.

7 – The Tartaria Tablets

The Tartaria Tablets are three small stone tablets, found in a Romanian village that might indicate the most ancient form of writing. But because they were baked to preserve, carbon dating became impossible and their origin is not clear.

8 – The Minaret Of Jam

The beautiful Minaret of Jam, a 64 meter long tower in Afghanistan, was built by the Ghorid Dynasty. But what remains a mystery is the purpose behind building it. It was built in some 13th or 14th century using baked bricks and now comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

9 – Death Of Alexander The Great

Moat experts agree on the death time and place of Alexander the great, which was June 10, 323 B.C. at the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon. But, what still remains a kind of mystery is the cause of his death. Some speculations are that he suffered from high fever and stomach ache before death, some say it was a foul play.

10 – The Emerald Tablet

10 Ancient Archeological Mysteries That Might Remain Unsolved ForeverImage Source (Image Source)

This remains the most mysterious in the whole list, as the Emerald Tablet, no longer exists. The only known facts about this tablet are, it contained some information relating to converting base metals into gold. Many translations were made, including one by Sir Isaac Newton, but no one was able to practice the alchemy as stated in this tablet.


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