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The Weirdest Looking Sea Creatures

Under the few tonnes of water there is another world existing, full of coral reefs and rich wildlife. There you can meet the weirdest looking sea creatures ever, which will make you smile and wonder at the same time:

Pacific Black Dragon

Sea-Creatures-2It's Nature

Looks like from the movie “The Alien”, doesn’t it?

Gulper Eel

Sea-Creatures-3Our Breathing Planet

One of the most bizarre creatures ever and has a rather distinctive appearance comparing to his relatives.

Giant Isopod


Mostly inhabiting the cold deep waters of Atlantic and Pacific oceans, plus look a bit creepy.

Stargazer Fish


What makes this fish stand out is the location of the eyes – they are right on top of the head!

Water Bear


Is the toughest fish among the rest and who is also building mysterious sculptures…



Is mostly known as a ghost shark and prefer deep waters mostly.

Humpback Anglerfish


The fish itself is filled with bacteria that illuminate their own light, that’s why it looks so bright.

Megamouth Shark


Many scientists consider it to be an alien shark because of its weird and scary look.

The Black Swallower


It is mostly known for the ability to swallow fishes bigger than itself.

Dumbo Octopus


This type of octopuses live on the extreme depth of the sea and are called so due to the cute shape of their ear located just above the eyes.

source: socawlege

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