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Two Litters Of Mountain Lion Kittens Were Discovered Near Los Angeles

Due to the fast spreading of highways and roads around the big cities like Los Angeles, that replace wild forests and fields, Southern California’s mountain lions started to live on small disconnected islands of nature, which are separated by rather dangerous interstates.


This leads to mountain lions populations isolation, causing genetic diversity to decrease. While these news are not really good ones, scientists who have been busy with studying Southern California’s mountain lions came across good part of the news this week: two healthy litters of mountain lion kittens are living in the Santa Susana Mountains, which is next to Los Angeles.

According to National Geographic, biologist Jeffrey Sikich of the National Park Service’s Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area discovered the kittens. He has been tracking the adult lions who have GPS collars and noticed that one of the lions, undercover number P-38 has spent few days with a female lion known as P-35 and a bit later with lioness P-39. As mountain lions are mostly solitary animals, biologist started to wonder whether they have mated. Four months later he found these cute animals which are better than any answer.

The cute lion kittens are fantastic news for scientists who have been worrying for the survival of the species. Sikich hopes that the kittens will migrate to other inhabitants in the future or at least will let the scientists learn more about their natural migration habits.



Featured Image: latimes

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